Mexico Real Estate – Continued Modernization in Space Involvement

Mexico real estate offers a huge benefit to American and Canadian buyers of being an affordable, warm-weathered country, with a strong cultural heritage, which also offers many of the best benefits of the modern world. One of the largest recent reflections of this modernization is the development of space-related programs.Recently, Mexico has been taking firm steps in the direction of developing aerospace programs, reflected in the creation of the Mexican Space Agency (AEM). The process of creating Read more [...]

Mexico Real Estate Spotlight – Condos on Cancun’s Beachfront

While there are many excellent options within Mexico real estate as a whole, there are a few areas which stand out as something extraordinary; one of these is Cancun real estate, and even more specifically, Mexico condos for sale on Cancun's beachfront. The following are points that make this real estate option exceptional. Cancun's Beaches - Cancun's beaches are legendary. Although completely forgotten and abandoned until about 40 years ago when Cancun was built from scratch as Mexico's first Read more [...]

Are You an “Old School” Real Estate Investor, Yet?

This morning, I heard the reporters say the government is now considering increasing the minimum down payment to a whopping twenty percent (for real estate purchases). This is for the average home buyer, not just for people wanting to purchase investment properties.It does not take a rocket scientist to surmise that if this notion passes, it will most likely have a large negative effect on the number of home buyers that can come up with the large down payment and qualify for the increasingly Read more [...]